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Although most people will agree when they say it is wise to hire a real estate agent or a realtor when buying or selling property, many of those same people will disagree on whether a real estate attorney is a necessary part of that transaction.

In the event of a legal problem related to the purchase of a home, however, only a licensed attorney may provide legal counsel and represent you in court, not an agent. An experienced real estate lawyer can investigate and analyze the facts and then guide you on how, or even if, you should proceed.

In addition, attorneys are bound by strict codes of conduct. In the event that you wish to keep your cards very close to the vest, your attorney is tasked with protecting you and your information. This can be an immense help to people who ned their affairs handled carefully.

The purchase agreement is the single most important document in the transaction. Although standard printed forms are useful, a lawyer is helpful in explaining the form and making changes and additions to reflect the buyer’s and the seller’s desires. Making sure that everyone is understood and that the complicated jargon of contracts and forms is also understood is the lawyer’s job.

Again, it is important to remember that printed contract forms are generally vague and apply to broad situations. In addition, there are many kinds of mortgages and lending that may be available. Mortgage loan commitments and mortgage loan documents are complex. Lawyers can review and explain the importance of these various documents.

With an experienced and trustworthy attorney at your side, specialized situations can be handled and your fears about home buying and selling can be eased.